U.S. Themes & Strategy

U.S. Themes & Strategy is authored by David Abramson, with a focus on actionable macro themes and investment insights over both cyclical and secular horizons. Published one week per month, U.S. Themes & Strategy covers a wide variety of economic, monetary, and political trends affecting financial markets. Analysis relates to U.S. trends, but frequently has powerful global implications.

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U.S. Themes & Strategy Deliverables

Monthly Reports

Published each month, the focus is on long-term macroeconomic, financial, and political themes that can be tied to actionable investment recommendations. These themes are often geared to timing key market turning points.

Special Reports

Published each month, Special Reports do a “deep dive” into U.S.-oriented hot topics and questions of interest to investors. Examples include: Can inflation decline even if the U.S. economy grows at trend? Can a bull market in energy return? What are the prospects for a technology stock mania?

Feature Reports

Written by guest contributors from within our network, Feature Reports provide stimulating investment insights, ideas, and opinions. These contributors are experts in their field, but tend to be “off the beaten track.” The results are provocative and authoritative, regardless of whether they agree with the Alpine Macro house view. Some examples include Robert Kaplan’s “The Coming Geopolitical Challenges for the West” and Mark Chandler’s “Xi and He: China’s Economic Policy”.

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