Geopolitical Strategy

Led by Dan Alamariu, Chief Geopolitical Strategist. Our research provides a comprehensive view of major geopolitical trends. We analyze the economic and geopolitical implications of significant international events, identifying key risks and investment opportunities across major asset classes and countries. Our research is non-partisan, wholly focused on being predictive, and aims to challenge the conventional wisdom, where necessary.

Equipped with deep knowledge of Washington politics and extensive networks both inside and outside the U.S., our geopolitical team has a unique edge in providing insightful and timely analysis on major global political and policy shifts and their impact.

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Geopolitical Strategy Deliverables

Strategy Reports (Bimonthly)

Our Geopolitical Strategy reports focus on political events and trends that directly impact economic and investment outcomes. Published twice a month, these reports aim to cut through headline noise, assessing real issues and their market implications. Each report aims to offer actionable and clear investment advice, grounded in clear and lucid analysis.

Special Alerts

Our research team is always on standby to address market-relevant breaking news and unexpected events. Clients will receive ad-hoc special alerts, detailing our perspective and predictions on what these breaking and rapid developments mean for investors.

Quarterly Thematic Chartpacks And Conference Calls

Clients will receive a quarterly thematic chartpack, highlighting major geopolitical trends, events, and special research topics. This provides clients with a concise overview of our geopolitical insights, market calls, and a synthetic summary of our current geopolitical perspective.

Analytic Callboard

Our callboard provides a regularly updated list of key events that are set to occur (e.g., major elections, legislative changes) and events we anticipate. It summarizes our forecasts for these events, detailing specific probabilities, timing, and implications for key asset classes.

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