Global Asset Allocation Service

Led by Caroline Miller, the firm’s Chief Asset Allocation Strategist. The service aims to distill the aggregate of Alpine’s macro insights and investment recommendations into concise, actionable advice on a cross-market basis. Insights are based on a qualitative assessment of the world economy and markets over a cyclical, 3-6 month forward looking horizon.

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Global Asset Allocation Strategy Deliverables

Chart-Centric Briefing Book

Published monthly, a chart-centric briefing book highlights the key trends in economic momentum, policy thrust, and financial conditions that are animating the global macro environment and financial markets. The report includes a matrix mapping out recommended positioning across 20 asset markets.

Audio Presentation

Broadcasted monthly, Caroline will produce a 20-30 minute audio presentation to accompany the briefing book and provide context for salient asset allocation recommendations.

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Alpine Macro research is available to qualified investment professionals on a complimentary evaluation basis. If you’d like to request trial access, please complete the form below.