Global Fixed Income & Currency Strategy

Global Fixed Income & Currency Strategy is spearheaded by Harvinder Kalirai. The focus is on analyzing macroeconomic and political trends for the purpose of identifying actionable investment and trading opportunities in G10 bonds and currencies.

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Global Fixed Income & Currency Strategy Deliverables

Weekly Reports

Published three times per month, the Weekly Report assesses the major global macro and political themes impacting G10 bond and currency markets. The reports provide continuous updates on our market views and investment strategy.

Fixed Income & Currency Indicators

A chartbook consisting of our proprietary indicators is published 6-8 times per year. Our bond models provide a quantitative assessment of the cycle, value, and momentum. For FX, we focus on technical indicators as currencies are prone to momentum trading and trends.

Special Reports

These are ad hoc in-depth reports that delve into key topics. Some examples include focus reports on Bank of Japan policy, gold, and long-term dollar cycles.

Previous Fixed Income & Currency Research


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