Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce that Alpine Macro has expanded its Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) to include more members . The purpose of creating the EAB is to broaden and deepen Alpine Macro’s financial market research by creating a powerful brain trust of highly experienced macro investment strategists.

We recently held our first brainstorming session with our EAB members. Discussions touched on a wide range of issues including: the long-term over-saving problem, equilibrium bond yields, equity valuation, populism and various implications of the technology revolution. The ideas and themes coming out of this session will be extremely helpful in supporting our research in the coming weeks and months.

Our EAB consists of fund managers and world leading experts on monetary economics, geopolitics and central bank policy. It also includes our former colleagues who have many decades of experience in financial markets and macro research. Expanded members include:

  • Francis Scotland, Director of Global Macro Research at Brandywine Global Investment Management (2006-now) and Partner, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor of BCA’s Global Investment Strategy (1984-2006)
  • Brian Piccioni, Vice President and Chief Strategist, BCA Technology Strategy (2015-2017)
  • Ian Macfarlane, Strategist and Founder, IPM Strategic Research, and formerly Chief Strategist and Managing Editor of BCA European Investment Strategy, the Bank Credit Analyst and Global Asset Allocation service (2006-2016).
  • Matthew Pugsley, Portfolio Manager at Pugsley Capital and formerly Consulting Editor of BCA Equity Sector Strategy
  • Lenka Martinek, Portfolio Manager, Currency & Global Macro, within the CIO Office at PSP Investments. Prior to PSP, Lenka was a Chief Strategist and Managing Editor of BCA Daily Insight and US Investment Strategy (2002-2016)
  • Santiago Gomez, Chief Economist, CN (2016-now) and formerly Senior Strategist, BCA Emerging Market Strategy (2007-2016)
  • Other members include:
  • Mike Dooley, Partner at Drobny Global Advisors and ex-Federal Reserve and IMF senior official
  • David Asher, Principal at Vital Financial LLC. Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security
  • Norm Ornstein, Resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and a longstanding Washington insider and author “Trump and the Battle for Congress”
  • George Magnus, Independent economist and commentator, and Research Associate at the China Centre, Oxford University and formerly Chief Economist, and then Senior Economic Adviser at UBS Investment Bank from 1995-2012.

We will continue to hold brainstorming sessions in the coming months to support Alpine Macro’s research. Our mission is to be cutting edge, insightful, relevant, informative, and of the highest quality and calibre.


Tony Boeckh, CEO and Editor-in-Chief
Chen Zhao, Chief Global Strategist

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