This report moves away from the daily market noise and considers some of the longer-term issues of the Chinese economy.

The Chinese growth story has long been met with skepticism. It is a widely accepted consensus that China’s capital-intensive growth path cannot be sustained and that a rebalancing is badly needed.

  • How sustainable is the investment-driven growth model?
  • How to judge the efficiency of China’s overall capital spending?
  • What’s the fundamental driver of China’s rapid buildup of debt?
  • Is the deleveraging campaign in recent years justified?


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What’s in this report

In this report, Yan Wang, Chief EM & China Strategist, sets aside the daily market noise and examines some of the longer-term issues of the Chinese economy.  You will learn:

  • What’s the relationship between investment and productivity?
  • How excessive has Chinese investment become?
  • Why has China’s credit-to-GDP ratio been rising? How alarming is it?
  • What’s behind the Chinese authorities’ on-and-off deleveraging campaign? What’s the impact on the economy?
  • What’s China’s long-term trend growth?


Editorial Board

Yan Wang

Chief EM & China Strategist

Chen Zhao

Chief Global Strategist

Tony Boeckh


David Abramson

Chief US Strategist and Director of Research

Henry Wu

Head of Quantitative Research

Kevin Yulianto

Research Analyst

Xiaocen Wang

Senior Research Analyst


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